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Cannot found technical specification of material by DIN EN stand.(for elastic, tensile, yield, density)

Question asked by Deajn Dejanovic on Nov 18, 2014
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I need to build homemade small crane, with steel squares. Before buying material, would like first to design product, and simulate static load.

For example, one nearest company is offering below steel. I have been searching by Google, and just not able to found technical specification, so I could create custom material.


If anyone know a good place on internet, I would be very pleased for sharing that information.


Square, rectangular and round welded tubes EN10305-5

  • Unalloyed cold formed galvanized pipes from cold rolled  and galvanized strip for precision application
  • Cold formed  unalloyed and grained construction steel
  • Hot rolled from unalloyed and grained construction steel
  • Unalloyed for welding and threading
  • Unalloyed for pressure vessel with specific characteristics for work at room temperature