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Would a new updated server benefit us?

Question asked by Kyle Rupprecht on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2014 by Larry Zolla

Hello Everyone,


So to start my company is small (2 other drafters aside from myself) that deals with Millwright - Construction of Feed and Grain facilities, with limited IT support. A lot of research, posting on forums like this, and contacting our local area support groups for information on how to improve our efficiency. We recently got our computers upgrade to the new Lenovo Thinkstation M93 which was like pulling teeth with the IT department (they deal with simple simple computers and have zero understanding of what SolidWorks even is). Everything was great until business started picking up and now we are having server problems. Our server is dated back to 2000-03 era at a capacity of 1 TB which we have effortlessly used all but 5 gigs and shrinking quickly. We are having assembly "crashes" which just simply closes SolidWorks and the assembly and generates a crash report. Opening, and saving speeds have increased a great number when upgrading the towers, but with the server filling we are noticing its slowing down.


Now I do not know how much more information anyone needs so i am leaving it open for anyone to ask questions to "fine tune" this topic more. We are wondering if we were to upgrade the server to give us more space if it would be beneficial with the new technology in hard drives? There are empty slots in the server to give us more space but we want to start looking long term.


Please let me know what other information you need to help out with this information. I'm not very negligible on servers, sorry!