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Tricky problem filling in weld gap in joint. Figures attached.

Question asked by Chai Lim on Nov 19, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2014 by Chai Lim

Hi all, I am creating a model of a T joint in a section of pipe, and the tricky bit is that I need the weld as a separate body for FEA analysis . As you can see in Figure 1, I already have the 2 sections of pipe, with the hollowed out section where the weld is meant to be. The highlighted region shows the limits of the weld. The key is that I need the weld to extend out, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1.JPG


Figure 2.JPG

As you can see from the file that I have attached, I have limited success after using the loft tool to create the weld, and then the indent tool to cut away regions where it intersects with the original pipe. However, using this method, I am still left with an extra region that shouldn't form part of the weld, highlighted in Figure 3. My main problem seems to stem from the fact that I cannot select the edge of the shorter section of pipe in which to loft to, but must instead create another sketch, which creates its own set of problems.

Figure 4.JPG

Could anyone of you help me out with this? I feel its so near yet so far.