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Importing STEP file in SW 2014

Question asked by John Rhodes on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by John Rhodes

I've been importing STEP files in SW 2014.  The STEP files were made in Pro Engineer a few years ago, and each is about 180 mb.  There are around 500 parts in these assemblies that range from very simple to quite complicated, but I wouldn't consider it a huge assembly.  Our computers (Dell Precision Workstations for CAD) can handle this type of assembly quite well.  It takes SW 2013 about 3 minutes to import, and everything works as expected after the import.  Now that we've upgraded, the import take around 15 minutes, and is unusable until we've saved it as a solidworks assembly.  If we don't, the mouse cursor quickly alternates between the loading icon and the normal mouse (like 10 times a second) whenever I click on a menu. 


We are using large assembly mode, and it doesn't appear to be a graphics issue, as everybody working today has had the issue, and we all have different graphics cards.


Any thoughts on how to resolve the issue?  Right now, we're just using SW 2013 until we figure out what's wrong.  Besides for this issue, SW 2014 is way more stable and much faster than the previous version.