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Stress Values Not Corresponding to Published Values

Question asked by Cory Nation on Nov 17, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2014 by Jared Conway

I am conducting an analysis on a simple part to determine the stress concentration factor of a shaft with shoulder fillet in torsion.  I have referenced Pilkey's Stress Concentration factors and other texts and the values I am achieving from solidworks are much higher than what is published.  I have referenced a youtube video and the same issue occurs.


Torsional Static Analysis and Design Study Example Using Solidworks - YouTube


If you go to 5:01 of the video, the author shows a Kts table to relate his model to.  When he finishes his analysis, instead of having Kt values of 1.48, 1.25, 1.17, and 1.13 he gets 2.303, 2.235, 2.132, 2.06.  Why is the stress level so high?  My stress values are charted below for D/d=1.111.