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assembly rebuilds

Question asked by Joe Perushek on Apr 16, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2007 by Anna Wood
Has anyone had problems with SW rebuilding a model (the samemodel)within an assembly 6 times or more in a row before it finallyfinishes?  What about SW ALWAYS rebuilding the model from thebeginning (not in assy mode) irregardless of what was changed inthe feature tree?

I thought one of the earlier releases (2001-2002?) change therebuild code that the model would only rebuild the feature affectedby a change.  Was this implemented?  If so, is theresomething I need to turn on to get this feature?

I've literally got 3 full days of down time waiting for a modelI've been working on for the past week.  A rebuild on thisthing (irregardless of the change) takes 15-20 minutes as itsrebuilding the file so many times.

Is there anyway to shut down assembly rebuilding? Unfortunately, I need to work in the assembly to create thegeometry around some parts.  I've tried rebooting thecomputer, restarting SW, etc, etc etc.

I'm running XPpro SP2, SW SP3, a gig of ram (probably a little low,but that's what I've got) and a 3.0 HT intel.

Sorry, partially venting here.  I'm really close to chuckingthe whole works into the lake and finishing up my design work witha stone tablet and chisel.  It would be faster.  

Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks