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Setting up Vacuum Simulation

Question asked by Patrick Hands on Nov 18, 2014
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Im new to this so I hope someone out there can help me as I am quite stuck. I am designing a duel manifold for an end of arm tool for a six axis robot which is aimed to reduce the tubing entering this tool. I have attached some images of the manifold so you can visualize it. The highlighted pink section is to be a vacuum manifold where the one inlet on top is joined to a vacuum manifold to draw a vacuum through the 4 outlets on the bottom. This bottom will be then sealed with a gasket to a base creating an air tight lock. there is then 16 individual nozzles attached to the base fed by this vacuum to pick up light plastic objects.I want to run a simulation to visualize the flow in the manifold and measure the draw at in each of the four areas on the base to see are they equal. You can ignore the curved tubing as that has a different function which I have already solved.


How would I go about setting this problem up?


I have attached a step file incase anyone needs a better look.


Hope you can Help