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Bottom-up or top-down approach on Assembly?

Question asked by Francesco Tessarolo on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2014 by Thomas Mize

I Am a new user of SW. I use it since may in job envoirement plus i make some drawings at home.

My question is about approach in assembly parts no matter how big they are. For example:

-1 when you have to design a bolted connection between two structural members is it more correct design it in the assembly context and then expand to parts (holes or flange dimensions) or design in one piece and then to the other? I mean if in the revision process there will be some changes which way is faster and more affidable To reflect the modifications?

-2 design a pin in the same way or just by part and then inserting on assembly (diameter, lenght, fixing parts)?

-3 and other fitting parts that may have changes during revision phase after design.



I Know there are pieces that you know approx 80% before design so usually you start by part file BOTTOM-UP.  Other you don't know so it is better starting design on assembly context TOP-DOWN. But all the connection pieces (pins, ....) and all the connection flanges that you know before starting design (dimensions, number of bolts, diameter,..) in which way is better to approching ??