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Split part along Boundary Surface for mold

Question asked by Stephan Nelle on Nov 17, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2014 by Mikael Martinsson

Hello all,


New guy here.  Been using SW for about 5 years, but new to surfacing and mold work.  I have a model of a fiberglass wing tip that I want to split into an upper and lower half for the purpose of making layup molds.  The model was drawn in Catia, then brought into SW as a surface, then thickness added to make it a solid.  I want to separate the wing tip into halves along the 3DSketch12.  After that, I want to make a tool that is offset from the outside (OML) of the part by .100" and add a flange around the perimeter.  See pdf for a section view of what I want to do.  Advice?  Before I added thickness to the surface model I had a Boundary Surface that followed the 3D sketch.  Now that I've added thickness I can't get the Boundary Surface to work.