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Restrict rotation greater than 360 degrees using Limit angle mate

Question asked by Nikolay Bratovanov on Nov 18, 2014
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I created a robot arm assembly which must have 500 degrees range of motion. To restrict its rotation I do the following:

- Select Advanced Mates > Limit Angle Mate.

- Choose the mid-plane of the arm and the mid-plane of the body of the robot.

- Set "Angle" to 0, "Max Value" to 250 and "Min Value" to -250.

- Press "OK"


When I start rotating the arm, it makes a 250 degrees rotation and when I rotate it the other way it stops at 110 degrees (the total range of motion becomes 140 degrees) . Then I see that the Limit mate has changed its values to Angle = 110deg; Max.value = 250deg; Min.value = 110deg;


Can you help me solve this problem? Is it possible to limit rotary motion greater than 360 degrees by using Limit mates?


Thank you!