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    Flat to round surface mate problem

    Charles Keith

      I am trying to mate the SRS-110 L shaped bar (patterned) to the inside of the cylindrical hopper. I want the mate to have an axial effect so that it maintains perpendicularity when i drag it around the inside. Any ideas? I am sure this is some intuitive way instead of hacking mates together and having difficult to adjust mates.

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          Ingvar Magnusson

          Use the planes in the cylindrical hopper. e.g. mate top plane or the right plane in the hopper to the SRS-100. But first of all have one part fixed, insead of everything floating. You can e.g. mate the right plane in the assembly to the right plane in the SRS-12 etc. When you see minus within the ( ) in front of the part, it has at least 1 DOF. When you have fully mated the part it has no minus sign in front of it. First part in the assembly is often good to fix rmb and select fix, but when you have moved it around then it´s better to just mate it to the planes.


          I did not finish it for you but I made an example of what I wrote, please have a look at it.