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Is there a method to export Solidworks drawing file to dwg format with the parts detailed in each of the drawing views as individual blocks?

Question asked by Thomas Mize on Nov 17, 2014

I am sending my files to someone that has AutoCAD LT  to manipulate the files in and then he sends them back to me. The drawings are of a structural steel manufactured assembly with BOM, details, and dimensions. depending on the assembly there can be more than a couple dozen different parts. Right now I am using 3D part files and assemblies and to make the SolidWorks drawing file using standard views of the models and detailing them.  I then use the Save as method to convert the file into a DWG and then open the drawing in an AutoCAD program and modify the lose lines by blocking them into the components representing the parts they belong too. Is there any a better way to do this?