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Can't import step file into Solidworks 2013.

Question asked by Wesley Pelle on Nov 17, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by Ali Bayraktar

I have a step file created from a Leica 3D Laser scan and AutoCAD (3D) that I can't import into Solidworks 2013. I've tried this with Solidworks 2015 and no success as well.

The only format I tried that came in was a dxf format and then it came in an usual way. That is, some of the solid surfaces are scattered around in the Feature Manager tree. Specifically a tank may have some solid surfaces in one part and some in another assembly. I tried IGES and it came in but much larger and was too large and un-manageable. Parasolid format did not come in. Does anyone know what the best method of translating a Leica 3D scan point cloud into solid shapes and exporting it out into the best format for importing into Solidworks ?