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Driveworks or Tacton is the better solution for design automation?

Question asked by Ahmed Lasheen on Nov 16, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2014 by Gene Flanigan

i have a challenge of automating door assembly project to create 1000 of automated assemblies , drawing , dxf and quotations .

i used driveworks solo and pro, as a partner is perfect solution but i need to compare it with tacton to get the best solution.


the scenario that customer asks us for number of door between 500 to 6000 door per project with different quotation and specifications   (we are specialist in door fabrication) .

so sales team should replay with the quotation ASAP then if approved price we should prepare drawing for each door , and waiting for customer approval , when approved we generate DXF file for each sheetmetal part for fabrication.


i tried driveworks but i never used Tacton , so any one can advice?