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    Copy project in SW

    Masoud Hezari

      Hi ,

      I have the same problem about copy tree Tools.It means when we use it for do not design whole SubAssy , Assy and Parts one more time from begining in new project .

      But result of Tree copy have these faults

      1-In new Project all files linked to previous project and you can see in their Data Card

      2-New project No is not effected on files and you see project No. belong to previous project

      Do you have any solution for me?

      Best wishes


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          Brian McEwen

          2) In Admin tool go to a relevant Group >> Settings >> Copy Tree tab.  There you can set what to do to variables by default. For example you can put in nothing for the Project and it will be cleared when you copy it.


          copy tree.JPG

          1) If you don't copy some of the references then new Copy Tree files will still be linked to the originals.  But I'm not sure what you are asking.