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Designing industrial aquatic features

Question asked by Arthur Kay on Nov 15, 2014

Hello, I am interested in designing aquatic features similar to an "infinity pool". My digital product end goal is to have nicely designed structure, with plexiglass wall surfaces etc. Additionally I would like to have the subsurface plumbing design included in the model. Potentially preform complex "open" flow simulation if possible. Finally I would like to render and possibly animate this water feature's flow and visual function. My idea is to use SolidWorks to model/flow simulation and Blender/Cycles to do the water render/animation. This will be a large undertaken for me, and I would like to know before hand if my thought process is flawed or I should think about another software as well (eg. Revit- Greywater Design vid). Please feel free to give me some feedback or let me know if I am overlooking something in my idea or if there is another software that will better suite this application. Thank you for any assistance in this endeavor!