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Simple Sketching issue

Question asked by Ryan Emmert on Nov 14, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2014 by Ryan Emmert

During sketching i want to input certain dimension during the creation of the sketch entity instead of going back and changing the dimension after. For example: I want to create a rectangle by 2 corners. So i click for the first corner then drag my mouse to start creating the rectangle, but from there i have no options. I have to click for the second corner then go back to the rectangle and dimension it. I see in all the demonstration videos online that they are able to click for the first corner of the rectangle then during dragging there are dimension boxes next to the two side of the rectangle where they can input dimensions without clicking the second corner. I am sure that this is a simple fix in the options menu, but i have been unable to find it. I am using solidworks 2014.


Any help for this silly issue would be greatly appreciated!