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    Bugs in Animator

    Erick Smith

      So, I'm at my wit's end. I have scoured the internet for months now. Not being able to find an animator that will animate my company's complex machines. The built-in Solidworks animator is full of bugs. Mates can't solve, textures randomly disappearing, etc..




      This has been an incredibly frustrating experience. Trying to animate a machine with thousands of parts is becoming impossible.  

      I've been trying to find a good animator that can import solidworks models. I used to use Strata, but it is a 32bit app so maxes out at 4GB of RAM. Useless with these models.


      So, any suggestions would be appreciated.


      MODO looks promising, but I can't find any finished animations to really compare it with. Most are characters, or simple design renders.


      I need to showcase a machines movements clearing certain ceiling heights, maintaining certain heights, etc..


      Thanks in advance.

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          Rob Rodríguez

          Hi Erick,


          I'd be happy to have a look at your animation project(s) and provide you with a quote for the work.




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              Erick Smith

              Rob, I appreciate the offer, but that's not what I was asking even remotely.


              Do you have any useful feedback?

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                  Rob Rodríguez

                  Sorry Erick.  When you said " find an animator that will animate my company's complex machines."  I thought you were looking for a person not software.


                  There are a number of animation systems out there (3D Studio, LightWave, C4D, etc.) but all of them will require some sort of conversion of your SW data.


                  You might check out SimLab.  It's geared more toward CAD data although I personally don't think the results are all that good.


                  Honestly....modo is probably your best bet in terms of compatibility with SW data.  It's not real easy software to use but it can do more than you will need.


                  I use SW Motion for most of the animation work I do.  It works OK.  It has quirks but all these packages do and they all do especially with CAD data.  If SW is having  a hard time with animating your large assemblies you'll probably find that's the case with a lot of these other packages as well.

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                      Erick Smith

                      Thanks Rob.

                      I thought you simply disregarded my entire post and shamelessly plugged your site, but I get the confusion now.

                      I did see your animations on your site, but I'm looking for more of a fluid, more realistic type of finished product.

                      I'll continue my search, thanks for you info.