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    EPDM File History extremely SLOW

    Jason Spansel

      We are having an issue with our file history in EPDM.  Any file, any type... when you right click and get History, it takes WELL over a minute or 2 for anything to happen.


      Any suggestions?


      Edit: Solidworks and EPDM 2014 I believe SP2

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          Tim Webb



          See if any of these SPR's in the knowledgebase sound like what you're experiencing.


          • SPR 792546         Fixed 2014 Sp5.0
          • SPR 802067         Fixed 2014 Sp4.0
          • SPR 758929         Fixed 2014 Sp3.0
          • SPR 788790         Open – Vault Specific
          • SPR 682578         Open – Issue with Solid Edge Files.


          If so, upgrading to 2014 sp5 may resolve the issue but you should do some testing and verification first.


          It could also be an issue with the SQL database indexes needing to be rebuilt.

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            Jason Spansel

            Problem fixed!  (Thank you SWW2015!)


            Did a rebuild and reorganize of the index of the vault database and some other little tweaks. (rebuild and organize probably is the savior though).  History is lightning fast now.