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    PDMWE and the Design Library

    Matthew Cummins
      Does anyone else use PDMWE with the Design Library?  With ourvault setup, it seems that files are only visible through theDesign Library if they have been previously opened and are storedin the local cache.  What might I be doing wrong?

      We use the Design Library extensively and I'm really hoping thatthere is a fix for this.  As a workaround, we can do a searchfor all parts and assemblies in a directory and then get latestversion to bulk load them into cache.  Not a long-termsolution though.
        • PDMWE and the Design Library
          Joy Garon
          Hi Matthew -

          You are are not doing anything wrong. Your observation about the local cache is correct.

          There is an Enhancement SPR# 327496 about this. If you place design library in valut, you must ensure the files are cached before they can be used/added.

          Have your VAR open an SR and reference the SPR so that your enhancement vote gets registered.

          • PDMWE and the Design Library
            Matthew Cummins
            Thanks Joy... appreciate the attention!
              • PDMWE and the Design Library
                Jared Harvey
                For us, we have the design lib in a separate networked folder and not in the vault. We don't see revisions as common for purchased parts and there for don't need the same revision controls. This separate location is limited to write permissions so we can add to it, but we can't delete or change it. This way we can see these parts all the time.

                Files in the folder also need to be owned by a non solid works user. MS has special overrides for the owner of the file. Such that if you own the file, but you have only been given read permissions, you can still write to it because it's owned by you.
                  • PDMWE and the Design Library
                    Ross McEllhiney
                    You are correct about the Design Library, But it gets much worse ifyou use routing, The routes can't find items that are not locallycashed, The routes will crash SW if you use Library parts, Thismakes the PDM useless for us, We have contacted SW and the VAR'sRouting, PDM and Library parts don't mix well. I would suggest notusing the PDM with Routing