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Problems with sectioning models

Question asked by Dave Lonsdale on Nov 14, 2014
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Hi All


I'm hoping someone will be able to help me.


I have recently re-installed Solidworks on my PC after a complete Windows re-install. Since the install there are problems when sectioning my models that were not present before. Normally when sectioning a model there is a "live" or "real time" section view while creating the section. However what is happening is that the model remains in full until I click the tick to confirm the section.


I initially thought this was a graphical issue, but by chance I went to section a large assembly which worked as expected. It seems like only parts and small assemblies are affected. The driver installed for my graphics card is a newer version than the certified one. I have considered installing the older, certified driver but I wanted to check if there was another solution first before messing with the drivers.


I have imported two sets of custom settings from when it worked properly, but the problem remains. It is quite annoying when I need to get the section in a specific point because I cant see if it is in the correct place and several attempts are needed.


I have attached a couple of screen shots to hopefully show the problem more clearly. The first shows the problem, the second shows how it should be.


Is there a setting that I have missed or something. I find it strange that it works for some models and not others.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am running SW2013 SP5, Windows 7 64bit, AMD Firepro W5000.






Section error.jpgSection no error.jpg