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Pagefile larger then 4096MB

Question asked by Paul Bunck on Apr 16, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2007 by Gary Schrock
Has anyone crashed their SolidWorks session do to insufficient VM?

We are running SW2005 SP 4.0

We have Dell 470 configured as follows for our Design Group:

Xeon 3.2GHz

4GB Ram


Quadro FX3450

Dual LCD Monitors: 17" & 20"

Virtual Ram set at 4000 min. to 4050max

When designing some of our complex Housings, SolidWorks will stop do to lack of memory.

I have a Laptop with AMD chip & 1GM of Ram with XP-Pro SP1 and I am able to set my VM to 16GB.

With this we were able to complete the design.

I have had this happened also in SW2006.

We are about to update to SW2007 but I have been thinking of adding another smaller and faster H.D. to handle the VM only, which has been recommended on M.S. website.