Steve Tietz

model break view gone?

Discussion created by Steve Tietz on Nov 12, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2019 by Chris Oxford

We were very excited about the new feature called "model break view" - allowing you to shorten your isometric views correctly (not workarounds) without having to scale it down.  We tested it during beta & during pre-release & loved it.  However now that sp0.0 is out the command is now greyed out.  So we contacted our VAR only to find out solidworks corporate has decided to disable this command unless you purchase an additional "a la carte" add-on.  I still have the "what's new" pdf back during beta that said this feature was included in professional & premium solidworks.  Apparently solidworks has changed their mind, now the only way to get this command active is to purchase the add on software MBD (model based definition).  As of today solidworks MBD is not available to purchase.


Here's what I don't understand: The purpose of MBD is to create a paperless way of communicating a 3D model directly.  it does not produce a 2D drawing like we are used to, but rather a completely separate deliverable, a smart interactive 3D pdf  of sorts.  While MBD is very cool, we do not need it, we need to create 2D drawings.  However, the "model break view" command seems to be a command that is designed to be used on 2D drawings (where you want to shorten an isometric view).


So as a customer who delivers traditional 2D drawings (from 3d models) it seems silly that we will have to buy an add-on piece of software for 1 command and not use 95% of the functionality.  Unless MBD is very inexpensive, I think we might continue using workarounds.  Am I the only one who feels this is silly?