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    Creation of depended parts question, Inventor vs SolidWorks

    Orest Yavtushenko

      I have an assembly in Inventor that I wish I could recreate in SolidWorks with

      the same or similar idea of creating depended parts.


      So in Inventor I have the stand alone file and it has only the Drive Sketch.

      This Drive Sketch has been used (derived) in two corresponded parts, at the pic PartA and Part B.

      As seen from picture, holes differ in design and geometry but fit each other.

      Whatever changes would be done to the Drive Sketch, they will affect both A and B parts.


      The goal is to keep corresponded holes fit each other at both parts as those holes correspond at the Drive Sketch.

      Parts will be always fit each other.


      The question is:

      Is the same or similar trick possible in SolidWorks?

      I wish I can make depended parts in this way and not deal with just linked parameters.

      CN23 0.jpgCN23 1.jpg

      CN23 2.jpg