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Dell Precision M3800 impressions...

Question asked by Adrian Velazquez on Nov 11, 2014

Hello everyone!


I read the threat about it being a disappointment, so just wanted to share that my experience has been the complete opposite! I'm impressed and happy with it. I think the other post is discouraging many users in need of something portable from getting a great laptop. Understand that the M4800 will absolutely out-perform the M3800, but for some of us on the go, we want to something that is actually portable! I think my only wish is that they would have a 13" version of it to shave-off another pound or so, since most of the time i'm actually working I'm connected to large monitors (I know this is probably not possible considering the Quadro Card).


Here are my benchmark results:


M3800 Benchmark.png


Also, the build is sturdier than I was expecting based on the other post. As point of references my personal computer is a MacbookAir 11" and my previous work laptops where a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga and a Dell M6400, and the M3800 feels better than all of those.


I also love all the built-in ports that it has; I have dual monitors (19" and 27"), Ethernet (via USB 3.0 adapter), Logitech Mouse and Keyboard and Bluetooth earphones, all without a Docking Station.I will add more details about performance and experience with SW in the next weeks.