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Export Issues!!

Question asked by Kallie Garbrandt on Nov 11, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2014 by Mark Kaiser

Okay I dont know if anyone else has come across this issue but I need help.. What I am trying to do is export the image I have created in solidworks out as a different file but still maintain the same look I have in solidworks. I have tried everything and when I export my image out say as a .png file my shading and lighting that i had disappears and turns into a solid color. Even when I do a screenshot of my image, yes it keeps the image I am looking for but when I open it in photoshop or indesign the image size is way too small and the resolution is way to low also. I need to be able to save my image out in a high resolution for commercial printing. Any help on this or anyone know of a great converter that will give me what I am looking for?