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    Who can help:  Wanted: SW macro for: save part as, incl drawing

    S. Vdkamp


      Is there a SolidWorks macro available to save a solidworks part/assy, including its drawing and?

      So what i mean is: The name is: part123.sldprt and drawing is part123.slddrw and I want to change both to: 20140101.sldprt / slddrw

      I have got some assemblies and want to rename all parts to a projectnumber(it is all set up with temporary names)

      The files must be saved in the same folder as the old one.

      Is there someone who can help with a macro that can doe this? Please....don't tel me: here is a macro, but you just have to change this and that in the *.bat file (or anything!), because I will mess it up! I don't know anything op programing etc. I am just looking for a " plug&play"  macro?

      Is there someone who wil make me happy?

      Kind regards,