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Revision variable not setting to data card on PDF

Question asked by Tom Rendon on Nov 10, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2014 by Brian McEwen

We have SLDDRW files and PDFs created from those SLDDRWs in a released state.  Both files are transitioned from Released to Under Revision using the same transition.  In this transition. the Revision variable is set to %nextrevision% and the Revision Number is incremented by 1.


This all works fine for the SLDDRWs, however not for the PDF.  The variable on the data card increments and updates fine for the SLDDRW but not PDF (i.e. the file was released at Rev B, when transitioned to Under Revision, the revision variable on the SLDDRW data card goes to C, but the revision variable on the PDF data card stays at B, same data card and same transition for both files).


We have to take the PDFs to an 'Admin Edit Area' where we run them through a +1/-1 Rev transition to get the variable on the data card to read properly.  Typically, when we do the +1 on the PDF, the Rev will jump from B to D and then we have to do a -1 to get the revision back down to the C where it is supposed to be.  That tells me the revision increment is working, but the variable is not reading the correct least not for the PDF.


Any ideas on what to check or how to troubleshoot this one?