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Vendor/Customer List Management Help Needed

Question asked by Tom Helsley on Nov 10, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2014 by Tim Webb

I am trying to implement something like what Lou Gallo put together a while back...


His example works great until a change is made to a variable in one of the virtual documents.  For example, say the vendor changed names.  So, I check out the vendor virtual document, change the name and check it back in.  Done, right?  Well, the problem is the query that Lou put together retrieves the values from all versions of the virtual document, not just the latest version.  I want the query to only give me the value from latest version.  I was thinking I could get around this problem by using version-free variables, but I want the version history.


With my very limited SQL abilities, I have not figured out how to get what I want.  Is there anybody that can help me get only the values from the latest versions using Lou's examples?