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Asking for recommendation for toolbox settings

Question asked by Kevin Moreau on Nov 10, 2014

Hi everyone,


I recently had a problem with toolbox and I want to make sure it does not happen anymore. In my case, I think it is better to set toolbox to create a new part when I insert the component in an assembly but I am still trying to figure out if that is really the best way to use toolbox. When I reinstalled solidworks (I am now running solidworks 2015 SP0), I didn't think about changing the default toolbox settings and I have been using it with the "create new configuration" settings. I was about to change it to "create new part" when I remembered that all users should have the same settings. Should I change the settings of all users to make sure I don't run into any trouble again?


I am also curious as to how everyone else is using toolbox? As that might help me figure out the best way I should be using it.