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DriveWorks Xpress and Configuration Specific Properties

Question asked by Matthew Bennett on Nov 10, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2014 by Matthew Lawrence

Hello all,

I have a component within a DriveWorks Xpress assembly that contains a configuration specific property "Length" that is linked to the overall length of the component. Then in the configuration specific tab the BOM quantity is set to read the property "Length".


What this produces (for those that may not know) is in the BOM, on the drawing, the QTY field for that component takes the QTY and multiplies it by the QTY giving you a total length for the component


The issue is when I create new configurations using DriveWorks Xpress and they complete creating the Assembly and Drawing, the Configuration Specific property "Length" has been deleted/removed from the component in question.


Do I need to capture the property "Length" within DriveWorks Xpress? If I do, the only rule I can apply to it is link to the dimension from part/component. There technically would not be any driving rules for it.


Points of interest are...

1. There is already a configuration specific property, "Weight", from the source component that does carry over into the driveworks xpress component.

2. On the source assembly and drawing the property "Length" is present and the BOM QTY is reading the total length of all applicable components.

3. The property "Length" was not part of the property list of the part template that the component was created from. This should not matter but maybe it does.


Let me know if this is clear or you need any additional explanation or information.


If anyone can lend some help/advice I would greatly appreciate it.


Thank you,