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Why does a fatigue study show 10% damage instead of 0% even if the stresses are well below the endurance limit of the material?

Question asked by David McCullough on Nov 9, 2014
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Hi everyone,


I am fairly new to performing fatigue analyses in SolidWorks. I was messing around with just a simple rectangular block of 1035 steel and ran a few fatigue simulations to try to understand it better. I created a rough SN curve using the idea of the uncorrected endurance limit for most steels is roughly 1/2 of the ultimate tensile strength. If the stresses from the static study are above the endurance limit, the results make sense, but if the max stresses are below the endurance limit, it shows 10% damage after simulating 100,000 cycles and setting the infinite life to 1,000,000.