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    "Set Variable Value" problem in Workflow

    Tom Hayward
      I'm trying to set up a counter in a transition action to record the number of re-release events within a workflow. (We initiate a "roll-up" or re-release whenever we wish to update the underlying references but NOT increase the drawing revision if there is no resulting pictorial change to the parent drawing.)

      The roll-up counter uses the Integer type variable _RevRollup, however, it is displayed as a Text type variable in the transition action dialogue. (It will correctly revert to Integer if you re-select _RevRollup from the pull-down list of variables.) It also appears that the expression %var__RevRollup%+1 will not evaluate as an integer. Through each roll-up iteration, the variable _RevRollup is updated to the string values +1, +1+1, +1+1+1, etc. instead of the expected integer values 1, 2, 3, etc. Is this a bug or limitation in the transition action's "Set variable value" function, or am I not using the correct syntax to evaluate an integer expression?

      Please see attached screenshots for details.
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          L Young
          If it isn't supported natively, could you not use the Dispatch add-in? It's on the setup CD, but I don't recall off hand where it is. I know it supports what you are looking for.
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            Joy Garon
            Tom -

            It is a limitation. You cant use any numeric expressions in that field. It will simply create a string of static text and whatever evaluated variable value you select.

            Suggest you enter an enhancement request via the support website.

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                Tom Hayward
                Thanks for the replies, folks. I'll submit it as an enhancement request since this is a much needed feature for us. (I would guess that it should be fairly easy to tweak PDMWE code so that transition actions can also evaluate integer expressions.)

                In the meantime, I'll explore the use of the dispatch add-in. It seems a bit heavy/kludgy for something as simple as this; however, if it works, then we'd certainly make use of it until a built-in solution becomes available.