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Sketch data

Question asked by Alan Thomason on Nov 7, 2014

I am working on a project where I have *.dwg data available which shows raw chord sections of a wind turbine blade but they are arranged with the intention of fitting as many shapes into the space as possible rather than the desired alignment.  The original files are no longer available, so I must work with this.  I eventually need to seperate, spin, and translate all of these shapes so that they are aligned with one another and copy them to planes space appropriately to create a 3d surface.


I am having trouble getting started.  I can convert each portion of the drawing, creating a sketch for each.  Then move all of the entities to align them.  I can rotate everything in these sub-components, but there is no convenient way to rotate them exactly.  I would like to have the entities all fixed together, but not fixed to the underline sketch plane. 


Unfortunately, confidentiality prevents me sharing anything visible or files.


Has anyone been through anything similar in the past? 


Your input is appreciated.