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    Sheet metal drawing questions

    Orest Yavtushenko

      Please help. I cannot find any settings for the few things.


      1) I have my model’s visible sketch either visible or not at the drawing.

      Once the sketch is visible at the drawing I cannot turn it visibility off

      even if I would make this sketch hidden at the model.


      2) The tangent edge lines have the same thickness as main lines.

      I wish I would have them much thinner.

      Is there any setting for that?


      3) If I would align some views at the drawing I cannot make them

      free again. At least I did not find this option if it exist.


      Sheet Metal dwg.jpg

        • Re: Sheet metal drawing questions
          Jamil Snead

          1) From within the drawing, you might need to navigate in the part feature tree under the drawing view and find the sketch and hide it there.


          Or if you don't want any sketches shown on the drawing you can go to the View menu and deselect Sketches.


          2) In the drawing document properties under Line Font, choose "Tangent Edges" and set it to Solid and set the thickness you want. You can see what your normal line thickness is by selecting "Visible Edges" so you can make sure you set the tangent edges to a thinner line. If necessary you can pick custom line thickness and type it in.


          Then in the drawing view set tangent edge display to "Tangent Edges With Font".


          If you are always going to want the tangent edges this way then you should make the line thickness change in the drawing template, and then in your system settings under Drawings > Display Style set the Tangent edges setting to "Use font".



          3) Right click in the view that you want to be free and select Alignment > Break Alignment.