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Smart component general questions

Question asked by Jason Lackey on Nov 7, 2014

I am attempting to create a smart component.  I have created the cut and hole features that I want on the part.  I then created the assembly with the appropriate components, and then when through the steps to create the smart component.  No problem there.


However, when I place the component in a new assembly and constrain it in place, and then select insert smart features, I get a pop-up that says "The selected face or plane is not valid.  Its orientation is not consistent with the definition of the smart component."  What does that mean.  As you can see below, the assembly has the same orientation as the defining assembly that I used to create the part. It's a flat face just like the initial face I used to create the feature.  Does it have to be the same part that contained the initial features just save ased to a new name?  Will the smart feature work with different types of parts (I.e. weldment/multybody)?


It seems like a really cool feature for adding cuts and holes for standard hardware parts like handles, but if it's this limited, I can't imagine it's worth it.


Can someone fill me in?


Jason Lackey



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