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    Dimensioning a circle in a drawing

    Brandon Moore

      In one of my drawings I can't seem to find out how to create a dimension for the diameter similar to those seen in the first picture instead of the true radius as seen on the other. Normally it takes two separate points in order to make a dimension as such, however since it is a circle I do not know if that is possible. Any help is appreciated, thanks!Pulley Drawing.jpgPulley Radius.jpg

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          Jamil Snead

          First make sure the Dimension Type for the view is set to True, not Projected. Then make a dimension from the point on top of the diameter to the circle of the diameter. It will come off to the side.


          Then select the dimension and in the options on the left under Arc Condition select Max.


          Then grab the little square on the end of the extension line (on the dimension end) and drag it down so that the extension lines are parallel to the axis of the part.


          If your diameter didn't have draft it would be easier. Then instead of dimensioning from the point on top to the circle you could dimension from the line on top to the circle, and the dimension leaders would come out parallel to the part axis to begin with. But it looks like your part has draft so I think you'll have to manually orient the extension lines.

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