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Trying to concatenate two properties but getting unexpected results

Question asked by Kevin Goosie on Nov 7, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2014 by Mark Coville

I am trying to concatenate two properties in the BOM but am getting a result I want minus the equals sign and one with some an 1.#INF error. They equations and results are as follows:


1. `PartNo`{}`PartDashNumber`

     Result for one part is M63540/1-13C (there isn't a value in the PartDashNumber custom property for that part) and the second part is 1.#INF-101 (-101 is in the PartDashNumber custom property)


2. $PRP:"PartNo"$PRP:"PartDashNumber"

     Result for both parts is successful minus including the equal on the front, i.e. =M63540/1-13C


The PartNo Custom Property for the second part is 13023D1454.