PDM WORKS Enterprise

Discussion created by 1-75IWCO on Apr 13, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2007 by Jeff Sweeney
I am familiar with PDM WORKS Workgroup. This question is in reference to PDM WORKS Enterprise. I understand they may function slightly different.

Can anyone tell me if you can put an assembly in one folder inside the PDM Enterprise environment, then put a part file in another folder within the PDM Enterprise environment, then put another part file belonging to that assembly into a completely separate folder inside the PDM enterprise environment?

I am not talking about putting the entire assembly into one file folder and then also putting that file (which becomes a link to the original file location) in another folder because you've used it in another assembly. I am talking about placing these files in seperate folders at initial check-in. Specifying a seperate folder for each part file at initial file check in.

If you can put these files in seperate folder, will PDM recognize the part file path when someone tries opening the assembly or will it give an error message because it cannot find the part?

My guess is that it will find the referenced part and there will be no problems. Just wanted input from others on their experience with this.