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    Layer colors automatically default after placement

    Mitch Kramer

      I am having trouble with layer colors showing up properly in drawings.
      I have followed this video to the dot ( Automatically Assigning Drawing Layers in SolidWorks - YouTube  1:30 long vid) to set my layers and colors up. I just want all my dimensions/annotations to be blue, nothing fancy


      I have the Per Standard layer active.

      I select dimension tool and select two lines.

      Now the dimension is black while i am choosing where to place it and the layer manager toolbar still shows, Per Standard.

      After placement, the layer manager changes to Dimensions (like it should) but the dimension is still black.  And in the dimension property window it shows the correct layer "Dimensions" in the Other tab.
      If I go back and re select any dimensions that i have placed, their property manager shows that they are under the dimensions layer, but their color is still black instead of blue.


      Why doesn't the dimension color change?
      And I have already tried the Color Display Mode toggle. It just switches between the black and grey colors (driven/driving) set my the system colors options.


      If i try this with balloons rather than dimensions I get the same result except that the color actually does change to blue as soon as i select the balloon tool.  However, as soon as I place it, the color changes back to black despite the balloon property manager still saying that it is under the dimension layer.


      Any ideas?