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SW 2015 workgroup pdm vault performance

Question asked by Sam Hoffman on Nov 6, 2014
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I am having a severe performance issue with workgroup PDM vault 2015. An assembly revision (1 document to check in) with just 14 parts takes 22 seconds to check into a default vault on the same computer. If I click in the screen during the check in process, it goes black and gives me an error

Vault Error.png


If I wait 22 seconds and not click the screen during the check in process it seems to complete. This is in an empty default vault created during installation of the vault 2015. There was only 1 single user connected to the vault during this time. I get similar performance on our populated vault (created 2010, 6000 or so parts) on a different computer. This is one of my simplest assemblies and it was only 1 file to check in 2014 this operation would be completed in under 1 second.


I have a backup of the vault before I upgraded to 2015 but have been updating parts for a week now and don't want to lose that work by going back. When checking in parts I have not noticed a performance issue which is why it has taken me a week to figure this out.


I have repaired my 2015 installation as well as reinstalled the vault with no change of the performance, so I don't think its a specific issue to my setup.


Can I install 2014 solidworks on my computer and roll the vault back to 2014 and then use 2015 solidworks with a 2014 vault client and server? I know that it worked when I upgrade from 2013 to 2014 before I upgraded the vault 2014?