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    Looking for alternatives to PDM

    John Andrew

      Currently running PDM and experiencing slow down on closing drawings.  Able to shut off the indexing to the vault and the problem disappears.  Are there more cost effective solutions than Enterprise?  PDM is included, Enterprise is very costly. Any experience wit DB Works? 

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          Joe McBurnie

          Hi John.


          An alternative solution to Workgroup PDM  is DDM DesignDataManager.com originally built in 1996 DDM is an easy to use affordable solution.


          Installation can be carried out online with a remote desktop connection and the out of the box setup works for most businesses. Alternative configuration can be achieved without any "programming" via the administration login.


          Upgrades and enhancements are released and available to customers on a monthly basis and in 99% of cases can be carried out in minutes with a single .exe file. Multi site replicated environment may take a couple of hours.


          DDM has CAD management for all the mainstream solutions such as SOLIDWORKS Solidedge Creo inventor autocad and ironcad including full Revision, Issue and State based lifecycle management.


          DDM is a scalable solution that also includes Document, Bill of Material, Project, full Graphical Workflow, web based supply chain data access and ERP interface.


          You can start with the basics and be confident that DDM can grow with you as your requirements change.


          Feel free to ask questions or request an online live demonstration.  PS, we don't hard sell!


          Kind regards Joe Mc