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    COSMOS vs NASTRAN solvers

    Kevin Spradley
      I am currently evaluating COSMOS for the thermal, and structuralanalysis (primarily dynamic loading) capability.  How does theCOSMOS solver compare to a structural solver such as NASTRAN, thestandard for all structural analysis?

      Thank you,Kevin
        • COSMOS vs NASTRAN solvers
          Vince Adams
          Back when I was more of a Nastran user than a COSMOS user, I verified that Modal and Static results between Nastran and COSMOS compare well. I haven't tried thermal or dynamic but we're working on some comparative projects.

          As an interesting aside, I used to be an MSC application engineer and was led to believe that NASTRAN was the gold standard, at least for dynamics. I knew it sub-standard for nonlinear but the acquisition of Marc seems to have helped this after a few years. However, in comparing NASTRAN results to NAFEMS dynamics benchmarks for a client several years ago, I found that Pro/MECHANICA got much closer to the target response than MSC.NASTRAN did! I was pretty shocked.

          I haven't done these for COSMOS but I think we've got an internal project to do so. I'd recommend you download these benchmarks from www.nafems.org and check them out yourself. Great learning tool too!