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Closed loop simulation

Question asked by Stepan Lasak on Nov 6, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2014 by Jared Conway

Hello folks!

I need your help with my setup:

- closed loop which consist of diaphragm gas pump and two boxes (box1 - air tank, box2 - air treatment), the gas is air at atmospheric pressure


How it works?

The air is sucked from box1 and is treated in some way at box2 and then goes back to box1. I know the volume flow of pump at atmospheric pressure.


What I need?

I need to simulate the air exchange in box1 (for some reasons I need 90% of air to be treated), so I will know how and where to place holes, atc.. for best exchange efficiency.


Thanks for your ideas and time!


EDIT 8.11: So here is the partial solution with your help (to confirm my understanding and also to help others)



- the cylinder with holes represents BOX1

In wizard was selected:

     - two gases - air, and air-treated (copy of air but only another name)

     - time dependent analysis


The initial conditions are:

     - intlet volume flow of air-treated

     - environment pressure of air

     - and volume concentration of air in cylinder 100%


Set time of simulation 0,5s and the picture is the result (cut plot). So far, so good. Will continue with internal fan hint. Big thanks!