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Why are file references not checked automatically in 2014?

Question asked by Siegwald Pentz on Nov 6, 2014

I generate 2 parts in SWX2014 SP5 and save them and then generate an assembly with these 2 parts and save it also. Then I open the assembly file with eDrawings 2014 SP5 and I get the message that the file is probably not actual (red text as overlay above model). If I then use the warning sign and I select "Check if File is Out of Date", then eDrawings tells me the file is actual and the red overlay is gone.


Why do I need to manually do this? Can't I tell eDrawings to check the file references automatically, when I open a file? I know, that I can disable the file references check in the options, but then I can't start the file references check manually any more.


I've used eDrawing 2011 SP5 before and I found the red overlay text very usefull, since when it appeared I know that something is wrong with the assembly and I need to contact our construction people to open the file, rebuild it and save it. Sometimes they forget to save a subassembly when making changes/versions.


Now I get ALWAYS the red overlay and everytime I open a document with eDrawings I need to manually check, if the file is okay, or not. That is not user friendly any more.