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    Can anybody clue me in to what these error messages are about ???

    David Hurayt

      I have one particular model and drawing that whenever I try to save the drawing I get this message:

      unknown error.GIF

      If I click OK it goes away but comes right back without saving anything.  If I click OK and let it go away and come back 18 (at one point is was only 13) times it will finally stop reappearing and save the files.


      I also get this apparently related message randomly popping  up as I am working on the drawing.  I assume this is related to the first issue and is being triggered by auto-save.

      autorecover error.GIF


      Any clues ???  I'm not even sure where to begin looking to find out what these unknown errors are.

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          Jeff Mirisola

          I suspect the first one comes back multiple times because it's for multiple parts within the assembly. My first guess would be a permissions issue of some sort.

          See what happens if you save to a different directory.


          As for the second one, it would appear that your system crashed and that you're using the auto-recovery version of the assembly. You might want to compare the auto recover version with the network one and determine which one is most up to date and, if need be, move it to the network.