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    Drawing views won't update when choosing configurations.

    Ryan Gerrish

      Hello all,


      I have part that has 2 configurations, and I'm using equations and a design table. The part behaves normally in the 3D view when changing configurations.


      I create a drawing of one configuration and dimension it, but when I select the drawing view and change the configuration, the drawing and dimensions do not change to reflect the config. I've tried rebuilding, and it doesnt do anything. The "Used Named Configuration" box is checked under view properties.


      Now, I just created a simple test cube, and gave it 2 configurations, equations and a design table. When I create a drawing for this simple test piece, everything works great, and the dimensions and drawing change when I change configurations.


      There is something wrong with my complex part that is keeping it from updating the drawing when the configuration is changed.


      Any thoughts on why this might be happening are appreciated!