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Joint North Dallas – Fort Worth SolidWorks User Group - Tuesday, 11/4/2014 Notes

Discussion created by Thomas Allsup on Nov 5, 2014

Joint North Dallas – Fort Worth SolidWorks User Group - Tuesday, 11/4/2014


Another very informative meeting – this time in the Bass Pro Shop north of the Airport.


  1. 1. Craig Gilbreath introduced as new Fort Worth leader – his aim is to reinvigorate that chapter – look for regular meetings starting in 2015.
  2. 2. Suchit Jain, VP of Strategy and Community
    1. a. eDrawings is going to be available on the web
    2. b. Dropbox ,skydrive, google drive will be enabled with eDrawings
    3. c. Discussed cloud based SolidWorks – look for announcement in the next 5 to 7 months
  3. 3. Richard Doyle – What Else is New (or Forgotten) in 2015
    1. a. Configuration pull-down dockable anywhere
    2. b. Previous selection set now available
    3. c. Selection sets can now be saved
    4. d. Small mouse movement will change selection from edge to surface to point
    5. e. Magnifying glass (G) is now on view menu
    6. f. Dynamic mirror symmetry has been around for a while but allows you to draw on one side and it’s mirror dynamically appears
    7. g. Spline length as a driven dimension (just like arc) is now available
    8. h. Picking a point now brings up possible constraints for the entities meeting at that point (context sensitive)
    9. i. Make independent part in assembly – new function instead of save as, delete and reinsert
    10. j. Asymmetric fillet – allows two radii for two ends of a fillet (think of it as an elliptical fillet)
    11. k. 2D Emulator is gone – never used it but it is now officially dead and gone
    12. l. Zoom to sheet in drawings – ignores entities and views off sheet
    13. m. Invert selection – been around for a while but you pick things on the screen, and select invert selection and it picks everything else
    14. n. Zones in revisions (zones are now system settings)

          o. Broken views in parts and assemblies – not clear how to move these to a drawing automatically

          p. Splined leaders

          q. Zoom while editing a note now enabled

          r. Internal end cap on weldments

          s. Gussets on round to round

          t. End caps option on thin feature (in 1 direction not midplane) to enclose a box

          u. Pem callouts don't have tolerances that are needed for PEM callouts

          v. Dimension tolerances favorites have been around for a while

          w. Seed feature is now different color in selection

          x. Save file markup in eDrawings - insert back into solid works drawings