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    Easy way to list all parts of a certain material?

    Steve Soeder

      Is there an easy way to list all parts that have been assigned a certain material?

      We assign materials in the feature tree, and I have SW 2014 and EPDM 2014, but the part's material doesn't show up in the BOM view - only assembly structure shows up in BOM.

      e.g. if I want to know how many parts have been assigned the material "17-4PH", how can I do this?


      I'm wondering if there is maybe a report or something that would show me this?
      I'm still pretty new to EPDM and am open to pretty much any options, so any help would be appreciated.


      I know I could do it programmatically by looping through every file in the vault and checking the material for a match, then exporting a log of all matches - but that would be really clunky and I'm hoping for a more elegant solution from EPDM