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My Circular Pattern is 'skipping' instances

Question asked by Matt Thomas on Nov 4, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2014 by Matt Thomas

I have a circular pattern that is acting very strangely. I am attempting to get 24 copies of an object 15deg apart.

However regardless of wither I pick 15deg or evenly spaced the result seems to be missing some instances.

What I have tried:

- Removed everything lower in the tree = no change

- Removed design table = no change

- Use a different rotation axis (the one in the file) = no change

- Set to 21 instances 15deg apart = now missing 3 plus the 3 I intentionally got rid of.

- Set to 50 instances 15deg apart = Looks correct but obviously has overlapping stuff.


Any ideas? I think solidworks might be practicing some kind of bazaar psychological warfare on me.